Alex. 21. NYC.

"You have my permission not to love me;
I am a cathedral of deadbolts
and I'd rather burn myself down
than change the locks."

HEY so the teaser our film “REX” made it onto the “Shot on RED!” youtube page. Shout out to one of my best friends James Arrant who was the talented director, my boyfriend Anthony Carella who was the talented cinematographer, the lovely Aurora Alange who was not only my producer in crime, who produced the film with myself and my boy John Morris, but also acted in the film as well! 

Check out the teaser on the Shot on RED! youtube channel!!

So proud of this crew <3

"I’ve learned that people
are not boomerangs. Sometimes
they never come back."

Kayla Hollatz, Maybe you’re why I don’t understand physics [a haiku]  (via whitenes-s)

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